Circular Signals is the collaborative project by Moemaw Naedon and The Latebloomer. Each track is produced entirely by The Latebloomer from beats made in his New Jersey basement on his MPC, knee deep in piles of sacred vinyl records, and then sent to Naedon in Pittsburgh. On this project, Latebloomer also gives his audience a rare chance to experience his rhymes, which he and Naedon provide for the entire album. The two decided to collaborate some time ago via the internet.  Each one was intrigued by the other ones craft and they decided to start a project together. What began as a loose exchange of beats and rhymes unfolded into a friendship, and the two were able to complete a cohesive, poetic journey, exploring their own personal experiences in life. The duo displays their introspective, yet raw rhymes on melodic, gritty, boom bap, no frills beats and offer a glimpse into what some would say is a forgotten side of an art form.